Atlas Presets (40 pack)

Atlas Presets (40 pack)


Team Atlas presents 40 unique & exclusive presets for your personal use.

Also included is 40 mobile-optimized presets for easy, quick, on-the-go editing of your content.

Express your creativity with 5 different preset themes:

  • Hollywood Theme (8 presets included)

  • White Theme (8 presets included)

  • Warm Theme (8 presets included)

  • Cool Theme (8 presets included)

  • Vintage Theme (8 presets included)

We’ve taken into account the plethora of different variable factors that go into your photos (lighting, exposure, etc.) and have created 8 unique presets for each theme to account for these variables, so you have options with your content.

Also included: Instructions to install presets on both Desktop/Laptop & Mobile phone.

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This photo was taken on an iPhone. Before and After of one of the WHITE Presets. No other edits have been made to it.

IMG_4007 2.JPG